Our specialization and area of activities

LLC “Global Marine Design” utilizes up-to-date design and technical monitoring quality systems technology on all stages of design, starting from design development to approvals and design expertise.
Design of project and detailed design of production facilities in compliance with the RF and International standard requirements:

  • – main pipelines;
  • – subsea gas and oil transportation systems, supply pipelines;
  • – development of surface facilities, such as off-shore subsea production units;
  • – compressor and pump stations;
  • – gas-distributing facilities;
  • – directional drilling and micro-tunneling operations in order to overcome natural and artificial obstacles.

Design of project documentation for hydraulic work of 1 and 2 class, seaports

Engineering maintenance and management services. Follow-on operations, including engineering support on design of detailed work execution plans.
Development of the procedures on improving the ecological and economical safety of oil and gas construction sites. We successfully implemented an innovative technology of using anaerobic solutions on drilling pilot bore in several directional drilling projects .
Onsite authorship design supervision.