” Izobilniy – Nevinnomysk ” KS Gasline “

” Izobilniy – Nevinnomysk ” KS” Gasline is a part of gas transmission system of LLC “ Gazprom trtansgaz stavropol ”. It was designed to increase the productivity of North Stavropol UGSF up to 177 mn. m3/day and gas supply on the “Izobilniy – Nevinomysk” section up to 90 mn. m3/day but not less than 40 mn. m3/day. Realization of this project reduced operational expenditures, increased productivity of the section and reliability of gas transportation to the North Caucasus Republics and to the additional gas consumers of the southern direction.
Our company designed the linear section of the pipeline 98.6 km. – 43.4 km., including crossings of roads and rivers, junction point of the booster station “KS-7” Nevinomisskaya”, helicopter lending desk, block valves station, as well as access roads for them, we developed cathodic protection design and directional drilling crossings design.