Onshore support base in the port of Temryuk. “Expansion of unified gas supply system for “South stream” gas pipeline”.

Port of Temryuk is situated in the eastern shore of the sea of Azov, near estuary of Kuban’ river. Approach channel of the Temryuk port порта Темрюк goes through через littoral shelf and shore from north-west to south-east; its length is 2.7 miles, width is 40 miles. Water levels have changes greatly under severe wind conditions.

Coastal supply station (CSS) is a part of the port’s transport-process system. CSS is a part of expansion project and a new construction object.

New construction shall provide transportation, loading and temporary storage of cargo, equipment and materials for “Expansion of unified gas supply system for “South stream” gas pipeline” project.

Our company developed plan for construction organization of bottom intervention works for functioning port, design of directional drilling crossing of the electrical lines and developed the “Navigation safety” section of the project.